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PAGES ASOCIADOS is one of the most important Venezuelan insurance brokerage firms, integrated by a team of university professionals specialized in different areas, all of them with an extensive training and experience in risk management.

In PAGES ASOCIADOS, we have a sophisticated technological platform and service which have allow us since 1959 to accurately design insurance packages for a numerous group of individual and corporate clients, who have found in our firm the possibility to move away from the insurance salesman and come closer to a genuine consulting service.




To achieve and maintain the best available terms and conditions of insurance and risk management packages for our individual and corporate clients, having been designed to meet their particular characteristics and needs, at the best costs and with access to top of the line insurance market.

To advise, support and provide quality service to our individual and corporate clients in all their needs in handling and managing risks, including insurance and reassurance products, as well as in the effective settlement and opportune payment of claims.




To consolidate and maintain our leading position, by means of continuous and professional development of our human and technological resources, which will allow us to keep our Firm in the long term and fulfill our social purpose.




In 1926, Mr. Jaime A. Pages Perez became part of Seguros Fenix which was later acquired by Seguros La Previsora, and remained there till 1958, thus starting a tradition within the Venezuelan insurance business. His persistence, professionalism and honesty led him to occupy excellent managerial and directive positions inside companies of the highest reputation.


He was president and founder of the Venezuelan Committee of Insurers against Fire, which eventually became the Venezuelan Chamber of Insurers, acting there as a founder and first Vice-President. For two consecutive periods, he was elected President of the Venezuelan Professional Association of Insurers. He was founding member of the State of Miranda Stock Exchange, pioneer in the capital market in this country, and later fused with the Caracas Stock Exchange.


In 1959, he founded Pages Asociados, C.A. Sociedad de Corretaje, today one of the most renown and traditional brokerage companies in the country. Three generations have contributed with its serious and professional work, participating in the development of what is today the Firm´s philosophy, absolutely committed to the needs of its clients. Pages y Asociados has a reputation of having the highest level of quality in personalized service.

Today, Pages Asociados continues demonstrating its capacity to innovate and deliver timely, effective service to all our individual and corporate clients, for the best risk handling and management. We have a team of professionals, willing to deliver qualified insurance broking service to our customers.






Review of terms and conditions of the client’s current policies, in order to evaluate coverings and their effectiveness for new requirements.

Elaboration of a “Summary of Effective Coverings", which looks to consider the most important aspects of policies, allowing the insured client the best understanding, handling and control of their Insurance Program.

Analysis and evaluation of accident rate incurred by the client during recent years, determining their severity and frequency.

Review and update of the reinstatement risk values, insurance limits and additions as well as deductibles, in order to determine a possible infrainsurance.




To establish, analyses and evaluate risks, which allow us to design a coherent insurance program, according to the needs and nature of the activities of individuals and corporate clients.


To assist and advise in the design and elaboration of a Master Insurance Plan (Umbrella Policies) which allows us to cover every element of the business structure developed by the corporate client. This plan is designed according to our experience, in accordance to a meticulous plan of Risk Management.


Attendance and consulting service in the evaluation, analysis and determination of the Maximum Probable Losses. Application and evaluation of the best available rates in the insurance and reinsurance market, for the allocation of the different inherent risks according to the developed activity.




Assistance and consulting service in the study and elaboration of other alternatives for risk management.


Continuous and permanent consulting service to the departments in charge of handling the insurance policies within the company.


Assistance and consulting service in the presentation and handling of eventual accidents and catastrophes.


Elaboration of Statistical Reports on the actual results of the Insurance Program: accident rate, frequency and severity categorized by accident type or catastrophe, and addition of paid premiums, among others.


Permanent market research to compare the effective Insurance Program with new alternative products in the market.




Do you work with all the insurance companies?


The legal structure of Pages Asociados allows us to work with any Insurance company legally authorized by the Venezuelan Insurance Superintendence. However, the inherent responsibility with our client’s risks has moved us to work with more emphasis with a group of insurance companies carefully selected in terms of certain parameters of financial status, volume of premiums, reputation of partners, experience and quality of service, all aspects that we value of vital importance.


Do you work with all type of policies?


Yes. Our firm was structured on the base of a wide commercialization scope which have allowed us to offer products and services in all the insurance areas, among those: automobile, life, hospitalization, surgery and maternity, terminal illnesses, personal accidents, funeral services, patrimonial (fire, earthquakes, flooding, robbery, maritime/air Transport), all industrial risk, construction risks, special risks and guarantees.


Do you only advise corporate clients?


No. Our firm has Technical Units and Costumer Service with all necessary tools to guarantee the highest level of personalized attention to Corporate and Multinational Companies, as well as to individual Clients.


Are you in capacity of offering attention and consulting service outside Venezuela?


Yes. In the case of clients outside Venezuela who are looking for our professional service, we currently conduct business in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia. We also work together with international insurance companies in offering the benefit of our service outside our borders.


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